Winter Break for Adults

You know how you have a break coming up and you get all excited because you’re going to have ALL THIS TIME?  If you’re a maker, like me, maybe you plan out a project or thirteen.  Go buy supplies.  Talk about it with friends.  Print out patterns and choose your project bags. Sharpen your pencils.

While you’re talking with your friends, you also make plans to have brunch and play a board game.  Or go see a movie.  Or go for a winter hike because it’s unseasonably warm.  And there are the day trips to see the extended family in various configurations.  And you have to clean your house before your family comes over for dinner that one night.  And then your family comes over and you drink too much and put music on the that party can with the light show and wake up sated with familial love and your house is trashed again.

Photo of handknit socks and cowl in progress

Suddenly Winter Break is almost over.  You’ve only knit four rows on one project and cast on another.  You pulled out all the scrapbooking supplies, but never got started.  You think longingly of your sewing machine and the leggings you were going to sew yourself. That plan to try crewel is going to have to wait.

You wonder if anyone else notices that you’re almost out of milk (which you don’t drink, but the other three humans do, and the dog if she can get away with it). The pile of dirty laundry is epic and suspiciously contains things you know a certain smaller person didn’t wear recently. And why are there hair ties, paper clips, candy wrappers, and pieces of the wreath on the floor, mixing with the dog hair?  Don’t the other humans know the magical vacuuming robot will DIE if it hoovers up those things?  And if it dies, then you might too? And then who will buy the milk and wash the underwear??

That’s when it happens.  You realize for the umpteenth time that “break” is not a vacation.  It is a break from routine.  And while maybe you need a day off here and there, a full two weeks of no routine is a special kind of hell for the person who works from home.

You love your children, but you can’t wait for them to go back to school.  (Not to mention your loving spouse, who is so much fun to have lunch with when it’s not leftovers in the kitchen full of things that need to be fixed and cleaned.) No one is excited about going back to the morning routine, especially in the depths of winter, but it is the gamut we work-from-home types must run to have our space to ourselves.

One day, about two weeks from now, you’ll kiss the wind-roughened cheeks of your children goodbye and watch them rustle off to school. You walk inside your home (your office, your sacred place), your mind on fire with projects.  Break is over and you have your space and your time back.  What will you make first?

10 Replies to “Winter Break for Adults”

  1. Have a nice “break”. I’m sure you will get back in the swing of things. All my best to you and your family. ???

  2. I don’t have the kids taking up time, but my schedule for next week is definitely not empty! Hopefully I’ll keep myself motivated enough to stay on a schedule and maybe get some projects done instead of lazing around with my cats half the week. Though if that happens, that’s ultimately okay, too.

  3. It is a break from routine.
    YES. Oh my YES. I’m looking forward to my husband having an obligation on Wednesday so maybe we can have a bit of the normal routine and I can have my work-day back. I’m lucky, he goes back to the office on the 3rd!

  4. Depends on what new toys I get for Christmas. From what I requested for Christmas, I should be able to start a new hobby. I have a few projects in mind, but they may be a bit ambitious for the first project. We’ll see.

    I’m also working on knitting a shawl. It will be good filler for when I’m visiting family.

    To be honest, the list of what I want to make is long and varied. Many of the things will not be gotten to soon, but that’s OK. Time to do some needle felting and hope to finish it by Christmas. Not finishing it on that deadline is OK too.

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