Urban Aran Cardi redux

The double stranded Cascade Eco Wool did not work at all.  It was really chunky and stiff.  I didn’t even measure because I hated how it felt and looked.  Riiiiiip.

I took a big gulp and ordered more yarn.  I don’t have spare cash to throw at a sweater’s worth of yarn whenever fancy strikes but this had to happen because it was Matt’s birthday present and I want it done sooner rather than later.  If it were for myself, I would have probably just picked a different pattern and got on with life.  Those of you who have knit for loved ones, especially for those who don’t like their garments to look too knitterly, you understand that buying more yarn was waaaay easier than picking another pattern.

I went for the crowd favorite (per Ravelry), Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky in Chocolate Truffle.  The Chocolate Truffle was for me.  I love that color and it fit his color specifications.

The upside of the new yarn is that the old yarn, Cascade Ecological Wool, is ALL MINE.  Yum!  What will it become?  But that’s a dream for later this year…

I’ve been working on the Urban Aran Cardigan redux for two days now and it is totally working.

I haven’t measured the width yet but it’s definitely more than 18″.  Whew.