Sorry, again, for not posting for a week-plus.  I’ve been busy being a sore, grumpy, overly-doctored pregnant person.  We’re all fine.  I’m not the graceful, glowing sort of pregnant person who thinks this is so much FUN!  It’s magical for sure.  So is a two foot overnight snowfall.  Not excited about that either.  But nature finds a way.

The maths done broke my brain and I gave up on knitting the Urban Aran cardigan in one piece.  Unfamiliar with the pattern, I could not quite decide on where the middle was, among other things.  I may still knit the front in one piece with steeks, but first I am doing the back.  The cabling is super simple – it’s just cable 4 stitches front or back with one to five of these strung together to make the wide, meaty-looking cables you see in the photos.  Meanwhile… we all knew it… I have only 6″ of the back done and I wanted to have this cardigan completed in five more days.  I suppose there is still a hope but I am having some pretty incredible back and should pain which may be exacerbated by using the computer and knitting (and sleeping and sitting and walking…).  At least he-who-has-to-live-with-me understands what’s going on and will not be surprised.  But I need to come up with a little something-something for him to unwrap and enjoy immediately because I cannot abide birthday disappointment.

The Lisa beret redux languishes whilst I chug away on the Urban Aran.  My public-face projects are squares for the patchwork baby blanket I’m making for the squirmy one who has yet to emerge and Zander’s motley socks made from sock yarn leftovers.  I’m about halfway through the foot of the second sock, so you know, that’s like only 2-3″ with his little feet–that aren’t so little as I thought they were.

I know I usually write long, rambling posts with no pictures but I am stopping here for today–still no pictures–in an effort to minimize my computer time.  Besides, can’t knit while I’m typing…

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  1. Instead of writing long, rambling posts with no pictures… you could be knitting me a sweater… that would be cool.

    Smoochie boochie

  2. See? He found me! Thanks, I am sure, to our web hosting breakdown (part 2) the other weekend. So you did know, you stinker! 😛

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