Umm…Can I Buy a Vowel?

Two days after my last post I got a new job, thanks to word of mouth passed on to me by my friend Charlotte (of the comments)–a job that changed everything.  I’m teaching a class at the nearby community college, which is both a dream and a nightmare.  It’s a job–yey!–and I tried to get this job a few years ago but there were no openings; now there is a boom in enrollment and a need for new instructors.  The nightmare is the time of the class, which is in the afternoon twice a week.  It has created a huge stress on our family as we try to figure out how to get my son to and from preschool and find a sitter for my daughter.  Also, the ratio of work hours to cash is not as good as my freelance editorial work.  Which I still have to do since I am under contract, so I have almost invisible amounts of free time.  Eeep!

I am going to miss those theoretical but lovely sounding cafe hangouts this autumn.

I am also missing my kids whom I am constantly leaving with other people so I can work.  🙁

No progress on the knitting front has been made except that I am knitting again after getting little done in August.  (My arm/shoulder/neck has greatly improved under treatment, whew.)  My main project is a secret, so sorry in advance for the boringness.

Someone asked me the other day about holiday knitting and I could have laughed except that I probably would have also started crying.  If only I had the time to “suffer” a holiday knitting jag.  I had not even given it a thought yet, much less had a chance to reject the notion or at least dream up thirty ideas and make an impossible plan that sent me swimming through my stash and pattern books.  So. Much. Fun.

I am also a little sad for my busyness this autumn because I have many design ideas that I cannot explore right now since I still need time to do things like shower, sleep, and buy groceries.

The struggles of success.  One step, one day at a time.

2 Replies to “Umm…Can I Buy a Vowel?”

  1. Hey Carol I used your hat pattern for some newborn hats and they turned out so cute!

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  2. Theresa – my site needs some overhaul (wouldn’t it be nice to have archives now that it has been a year? I think so) which generally happens slow as molasses. I’ll check out your site in the meantime and see if it’s a good fit for the direction of my site. Thank you!

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