A week ago the cold seeped into my bones and I began to dig for socks.  I prefer my feet as bare as possible for as long as the weather permits but once the cold sets in, I want good socks.  Warm but not too thick.  My dream came true when I discovered handknit wool socks.  They are warmer than almost anything else I can put on my feet without the sweatiness.  The only downside I have found is that wool socks plus hardwood floors is rather dangerous.  (Answer: slippers; and less wear on the socks).

As I began the sock-cavation, I despaired.  Many socks were holey and mismatched.  I had my first pair of handknit socks succumb to holes.  There was an undeniable dearth of socks.  I could start knitting a new pair for myself but there was a 2nd or 3rd iteration of toddler socks already on the needles and how long could those take to finish?  (Nevermind the multiple iterations.)  Really, I had a lot of projects on the needles.  And my rate is about one sock per week.  Feet cold.  Cash in bank.  Go to store and buy cheap machine made socks.

So I went.

But the cheap machine made socks are all made of acrylic.  Which isn’t warm.  O woe! (Yes, I could go elsewhere to buy socks, even online, but where’s the fun in that?)

I gave in and cast on with stash sock yarn.  It’s the ubiquitous rainbow Opal yarn but special to me because my friend J found it at a garage sale and got it for me, knowing my prediliction for sock knitting.  She is a knitter also and one day will turn to the Sock Side–after she finishes churning out sweaters.

Being all colorful and stuff, it begged for plain stockinette and what’s easier than that?

(CO 64 sts on US 1 DPNs – 5 of course.  Top down, 1 inch of 2×2 ribbing, short row heel which is new to me but made possible by Cosmicpluto‘s awesome tutorial.  Planning on a Nancy Bush-style star toe.)

I went to this party on Saturday and suddenly discovered that I had knit 6.5 inches on my sock.  Woohoo! That’s some kind of personal record. I might be done altogether if it weren’t for the legwarmers.

Ah! The legwarmers. I’m done with the first and a little over halfway done with the second. We’re having a late evening review of Farscape. Rygel just peed fire on the bad guys. Is that a poor endorsement for one of the best scifi series ever made?