Thank you!

Elinor received many hand made gifts of incredible beauty from friends and family.  Here they are.

Crochet blanket from Grandma Carol:

Knit Pinwheel blanket from Grandma Marilyn:

Quilt from Jenny S:

Knit bib from Charlotte:

Knit beret from Julie:

Jenny also gave me a precious skein of hand-dyed, handspun yarn:

57 grams of bulky weight plummy goodness (the color of which this photo does no justice)…. What to do with it?  Right now, I am content to gaze and pet.

Annette gave Zander and Elinor handmade pop-up cards, which I neglected to photograph thus far, but she also has a post on her blog on how to make them, featuring our very own monster and ladybug so you can see for yourself here: “Bohemian Life Skills–Making Cards”. (The collage ones are pretty frackin’ awesome, too.)

For these gifts and more… THANK YOU!

3 Replies to “Thank you!”

  1. I’m embarassed to be in that company of very lovely baby gifts! LOL! The skein of yarn looks gorgeous in the pic, but I’m sure it’s better in person…

  2. not at all! the bib will have it’s day of gory glory. and it will be my pattern for making more because the ones i made z are too big, even for him.

  3. It’s from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I followed the directions, but I think it is too tightly knit. That may mean it works better, though. I’ll just have to make more…hopefully by the time she’s eating solid foods…

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