Pat on the Head

Look what I did!  (Finally!)

Lisa’s Beret from Through the Loops knit in Yarns of Distinction Licorice Twist. My first knit beret.  How come it took this long?  Love the stitch pattern, love the yarn.  My only complaint – because there’s always something – is that the 1×1 twisted rib on the brim has no grip so this hat is constantly sliding around on my head – and I am not wearing it for fashion.  We walk two blocks to and from school every day, even in winter.

This hat may get some elastic eventually, but given my enthusiasm for doing things to my knitting that are not knitting, I’ve moved on to planning other hat projects.  I will probably knit a new hat sooner than I will figure out how to elegantly attach elastic.

Did I tell you about this yarn yet?  I got it in October at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo from the Weavers Loft / Yarns of Distinction booth.  I drooled over the Licorice Twist in the Meadows colorway in my mind for a year before I bought it.  Why do I do that to myself?  I have been so scrupulous with my yarn purchases for years (and nevertheless have more in the stash than I could knit in a year at my current rate) but now I am loosening the reins.  Which is not the same as going on a spree, but will spare me perhaps from passing up perfectly beautiful and affordable knitting treats. (Like that $5 package of yarn shaped stitch markers I bought on a lark at Knit-a-Round two days before Christmas – they were all gone when I went back after New Years!)

Speaking of affordable. This hunk of a hank of yarn I bought was no less than half a pound of merino wool, 560 yards for $29.  It wound up into a massive ball and even after knitting the hat, it is still massive.

You can see the ball in comparison to a fill size hardcover novel, as well as the flacid brim in progress, in this photo:

I have a lot of this yarn left.  What else should I make?  I’m thinking a scarf, maybe mittens.  Then I will be matchy-matchy, just like all the other people who buy winter sets at the store.

Snow Day

Moss Stitch Scarf

The Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project is wrapping up in the next month.  The deadline on the OFA is December 15 (two more days!) but the Ravelry group lists in bold letters that the deadline has been extended until the first week of January.

I am going with the extended deadline, otherwise there is no hope for me.

Moss Stitch Scarf

I am making a moss stitch scarf in a heathery burgundy shade of Patons Classic Wool.  This is actually a picture from October – the scarf is now about a foot and a half long. I had hoped to make more than one scarf but so far this looks to be it, even with the extended deadline.  Too many chilly heads and hands and feet in my house need attention also (I am on fire to knit myself seventeen different hats and five cowls).  I might churn out a garter stitch red scarf if fancy strikes me after Christmas, which is also after my last work deadline for a while.  I know, I KNOW a real vacation at the end of the year for once.

To my surprise, all schools in our county were cancelled today.  The snowfall yesterday was not tremendous compared to what we have seen (4-6 inches in our neighborhood) but the temperature dropped quickly in the past 48 hours to just above zero degrees F (-10 windchill).  Sadly, we still had to pry ourselves out of the house to go to the dentist today.  Dentists don’t have snow days, far as I can tell.

Neither do stay-at-home parents.  Or freelancers.

Back to working on my hat (Lisa’s Beret in Yarns of Distinction Licorice Twist “Meadow”).  Toddlers don’t sleep for long and tomorrow morning will be a bitter walk to school in the morning.  Maybe I should drive.  For my daughter’s sake.  Yeah, that’s it.