Gave Thanks

House Socks

The past two weeks have been a flurry of holiday cheer.  It all starts with Halloween, actually, which is both holiday and birthday in our family.  From that point until New Year’s Day, we have a birthday or holiday every 1-2 weeks for two of the most intense months in the Western Hemisphere.

Of knitting, there has been much, but little that was completed and even less I can show-and-tell because they are designs and I am still not all sorted out on the best way to proceed with revealing designs in progress.  It generally is considered a no-no but would it matter if it just ends up published on my own site anyway?  I think not.  But I am also discovering in the process that sometimes innocent projects suddenly become Designs; sometimes things destined for one venue get moved to another; sometimes things just never make it to the end.  So I sit on my pretty pictures, very sorry.

Speaking of holiday cheer, some highlights:

I made homemade from-scratch pumpkin pie with canned organic pumpkin puree and a store bought frozen crust.  Even though I am six-and-a-half months pregnant AND also provided homemade whipped cream, no one accepts this as from-scratch pumpkin pie.  Sigh.

Matt invented Thanksgiving Bingo.  He and I made cards up for each literate family member (sorry Z) and they included squares like Someone takes a nap, Something gets spilled, Something gets burned, Dogs steal food, There is a last minute change to the menu, Sarah goes to the store, Carol talks about buying yarn, and so on.  It was hysterical.  The short of it all: my nine year old niece won, thanks to our puppy destroying some beer in the breezeway AND it was hard to end the game because everyone was SO well behaved, in effort to try and not give other people squares.  The significance here is that while everyone in my small immediate family likes each other and enjoys getting together, something about the mundanity of Thanksgiving makes us suddenly dysfunctional and every year there are fights and tears among the adults.  Bingo was quite the therapeutic breakthrough!  There will be more Bingo next year.

The day after T-day (as if we hadn’t had enough of each other yet) was Lost Family Day, which could mean so many things but was only a two-day Lost marathon (season 4) and cookie baking extravaganza at my house with my immediate family and some adopted family-friends.  We baked 500 cookies and my sister crocheted dishcloths to send to our far flung relations.  There was much consumption of video games and Disney preteen tv outside the kitchen.  Our puppy broke into the garage and stole peanut butter cookies but spurned the ginger cookies (noticing a pattern with the dog?).  My dishwasher dramatically threw a hose in the middle of day two, dumping gallons of water in the basement–I always have dramatic maintenance things happen during holiday weekends so this one does not surprise me in the least.

It seems like I have done nothing for the past three days but shop online or in stores for holiday gifts.  It makes me twitchy, especially because I am not even close to done.  But this is a diatribe I will keep to myself.

Last night we celebrated my niece’s ninth birthday.  The hit present was a large marker board and a package of dry erase markers from Noah.  He has his girlfriend even wrote a long Rebus-style message on the board for her card, which kept four girls busy for a whole 15 minutes.

Straight on until morning, eh?  I do actually have a wee little pattern to share with ya’ll tomorrow.  It was part of my gift to my niece and my sister insists that even though it is tres easy, some folks appreciate not having to do the math themselves.