DIY Circular Needle Storage

Move your needles into your new DIY Circular Needle Storage

I have struggled mightily with how to store my circular knitting needles and I know I’m not alone.

Even with interchangeable sets, we still end up with a lot of fixed circular needles.  They’re floppy and long and unwieldy.  Left to their own devices, they tangle horribly.

What’s a knitter to do?!

There are decent ideas out there.  You can buy beautiful folding fabric storage cases on Etsy — and hope they’re big enough.  You can use a tackle storage binder.  You can decorate your room with a hanging set of storage sleeves.

For many years I was using a beautiful padded batik fabric case that Charlotte made for me.  I loved it, but it became overstuffed and hard to find what I needed without unloading half the needles and putting them through a sizer.

After mulling over this problem for a while, looking online for something that would fit my middling to large circular needle storage needs, I thought of something that just might work.  I built it.  I used it for a year and it works well, so I’m sharing it with you!

This is an inexpensive solution — possibly free, if you have the supplies laying around your house.

Supplies for DIY Circular Needle Storage

The supplies you’ll need

  • a plastic shoe box storage bin
  • ~13 file folders
  • ruler
  • marker
  • X-ACTO knife or scissors
Measure for your DIY Circular Needle Storage

Step 1: Measure!

Stick a folder in the shoe box and see if it fits width-wise. If not, I suggest making a template to help cut down the sides. Measure the height of the box interior, taking into account how the lid fits on top because that will affect the height of the folders.

For the latching Sterlite bin pictured here, I cut the folders to just under 4 inches tall.  I didn’t have to cut the width at all.

Cut down folders for your DIY Circular Needle Storage

Step 2: Cut!

Use your template or measurements to cut down your folders to fit. You will need 13 folders to hold needle sizes 0 through 11. If you have more sizes — or just a lot of needles — use more folders.  You might needle a second bin.

Step 3: Label!

Go crazy with a marker or a label maker. I like to put the US and millimeter sizing on my labels.

Move your needles into your new DIY Circular Needle Storage

Step 4: Move!

Time for your circular knitting needles to go live in their new home. Ah, so roomy!  So easy to browse.  So easy to put needles away! If it’s hard to get needles in or out — or it’s a tight fit and needles are trying to climb out by themselves, then you might want to add a bin.

I highly recommend keeping your needles in their original packaging to contain their wild nature. If the original packaging is lost, try zip top bags.  I even put little stickers on mine with the size and length.

Bag and label your circular needles, for sanity's sake


DIY Circular Knitting Needle Storage


Do you have a circular needle solution that works for you?  Share in the comments!  Or hop on over to my Facebook group, Fiber Arts for Real Folk, and join the conversation.

DIY Circular Knitting Needle Storage