Stripe it like there’s no tomorrow

You can’t knit just two!

In my experience, creation falls into two categories: quick and slow.  Whether one is writing a story or building a piece of furniture, some things come together in a flash of frenzied inspiration, while others must cook for a long, long time.  This sock pattern falls into the latter category.  I have noodled out and knit up versions of it since December 2008 when it made it’s debut as a multicolor striped slipper sock for my brother’s girlfriend.

The organizing principle: what tiny balls of leftover yarn are in the bottom of my Wool-Ease basket?

Although I love the funky multicolor stripey-ness, this early sock needed to be knit at a tighter gauge to be more durable.

First I had a detour into some Harry Potter themed House Socks, which gave me the name, but were still too loose.

Slytherin or Gryffindor?


A few years later, I got around to reworking the numbers and quickly had these!

This combo of green and blue makes my eyes happy.


Before giving them over to the whole wide world, I had some friends test it out.  Thank you, friends!

Alison Denomme


Allison Phelps


Casey Braun — her first socks ever!  Wow!


Melissa White


Heidi Lemon


Abbey Buckley

More views and more socks are available on the pattern’s Ravelry page!  It is with great pleasure that I give you House Socks!  Enjoy! Please be in touch if you have any questions.  Via Ravelry is best way to contact me.