Squeaky Is as Squeaky Does

Elinor’s modular baby blanket has occupied much of my knitting time this winter past.  It was an awesome take-anywhere project although that came back to kick me in the butt when all the blocks finally needed to be put together.  But once I decided on the crochet seaming, it took only 1-2 evenings with Masterpiece Theatre (Oliver Twist, I believe).

Squeaky blanket designed for my daughter

I ended up naming this blanket pattern Squeaky because, well, this baby is.  She makes a lot of noise!  From day one when she grunted and squeaked and moaned throughout her first 7-hour postpartum nap up to today (2 weeks old), she is a noisy little squeaker.  We don’t recall any other baby being this noisy, including our firstborn.  We speculate that maybe she makes noise because that’s what we sound like to her.  Maybe she will be an early talker.  We’ll see!

The pattern for Squeaky can be found on its own static page here at Entangled but don’t forget to add it to your Ravelry notebook when you cast on!


Ravel it!

Squeaky baby in a new blanket

5 Replies to “Squeaky Is as Squeaky Does”

  1. Excellent sleeping baby-under-blanket pic! And thanks for posting the blanket pattern. Lamb’s Pride, eh? Hmmm…

  2. Thanks you two! So far the blanket is a popular couch accessory but we try and give Elinor priority with the blanket when she’s napping. Even if her entire body can be draped by only a couple of the squares.

  3. LOVE IT and the pouty little baby under it! It turned out so nice! i’m still working on my ribby cardi…1 or 2 rows at a time.

  4. Whenever I tire of knitting on the UAC, I think of how much I would like to knit and wear my Ribby Cardi and that jumpstarts my motivation.

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