Something delicious

Only nice things today, okay?

This is a Jaywalker knit from Conjoined Creations Flat Feet.  Per their website, my flat would be considered a Warm Bright (yellow, magenta, and a brownish-purple).  My flat is dyed in vertical wavy stripes which creates very short color runs when knit up.  In the flat, the yellow seems very dominant but knit up, it recedes and the overall sock is more pinkish.  The colors have a very subtle heathering once knit up.  I think there are tiny bits of the yarn that were not as saturated with dye because they are more inside the machine knit flat.  It adds another visual-textural dimension that is unique to this process of creating sock yarn.

My one reservation about the sock flat is that one is instructed to knit straight off the flat, a fun and novel approach which never fails to attract the attention of knitter and non-knitter alike in public places.  But the yarn is kinky off the flat which was frustrating in the early wobbly rounds of DPN knitting.  One could, of course, avoid this issue by skeining up the flat, washing it, then winding into a ball before knitting.  But now that I am well into the pattern, I don’t notice the kinks anymore and I know they will block out when I wash these puppies.

I am curious how much dye, if any, will come out of these socks.  I have had some yarns in the past year that were extremely saturated and the resulting socks had to be isolated in the wash for a while.  The vinegar trick hasn’t worked for me although I did read recently about someone who (after an initial wash) leaves their bleeding socks in a sink with gently running tepid water until the water runs clear and this sounds like it would work.

The two yarns of which I speak were Studio Sock (by Neighborhood Fiber Co) in Logan Court (green) and Colinette Jitterbug in … drat, it’s not Lapis… maybe Velvet Damson (blue).  Very intense colors so the excess dye is not a surprise.  And, more importantly, I have not noticed any significant fading.

These delicious Jaywalkers, that’s our happy thought for the day.  Now it’s time to have a lesson in dressing oneself with a certain almost-four-year-old I know.