Snow in my eyes…

…couldn’t see the keyboard.  Or the calendar, apparently.  Where does the time go?  Sometimes into lethargy and uncertainty.

Rainbow socks are complete, albeit small (photos to come this weekend).  How did that happen?  Didn’t I try the first one on?  It’s small both in girth and length.  Not so much that I can’t wear them but I doubt the length will stretch with wear.  I should rip out the toe and reknit but I am so not interested in that, especially with this self-patterning yarn. Meanwhile, immediately after finishing them Wednesday evening, I set them down somewhere and I cannot find them.  I wonder if this is a sign?  Maybe these are not my socks after all.

The design work has taken twists and turns, it always does, but I think it contributed to my slowness in posting.  The sock design is now photographed but needs to be formally written up.  No big deal, but it is a to do for this weekend.  I hope to have it sent off by Monday morning.

The stocking design had to be ripped and reknit so many times!  I finally have it down and just need to finish.  La dee dah.  Yeah.

The wrap.  The wrap broke my heart a little bit.  First there was the raging doubt that I could knit that whole thing (including all these other projects, eep!) by the end of the month or even the end of the year.  An additional layer of doubt was whether the design as written would work or did I need to tweak this and that and would tweaking mean ripping out rows of 150 sts over and over?  Crap almighty.  Finally, there was the issue of yarn quantity.  I knew I needed more.  I didn’t know how much more and couldn’t until I knit up at least one ball.  Which I wasn’t doing because of all the previous layers of doubt.  So I took my wee swatch, figuring it would at least give me a ballpark and I could buy extra on top of that.  I weighed the swatch using my digital kitchen scale.  I measured the length and width.  I did the math.  14 balls.  I have 3.  It was both crushing and a relief.  A crushing relief. I did not have enough yarn and believed (without reason since I didn’t call the shop) that I would not be able to get 11+ more balls in the same dye lot.

I stuck all the papers into a file folder and will take this on again in January.  I will probably also pick a different yarn.  Meanwhile, what to do with 150g of dk bamboo?

But all the sadness is behind me; I have come to terms.  I am a horrible planner, you see.  I always bite off more than I can chew on the theory that if you shoot for the 10, even if you fall short, you might still hit the 8.  As I get older, I get better at shruging off the disappointments.  I bring it on myself, after all.

Today is actually a day of happiness, which is perhaps why I am also back here finally.  I received my first seed catalog of winter – the earliest ever! – as well as the winter issue of Interweave Knits.  I also spied my Mismatched Legwarmers pattern on Ravelry.  The Ravelry free pattern points back to this site (see sidebar for pattern link) but getting set up on Ravelry as a designer was a small hurdle which I have finally cleared – yey!

Last, my sister and friends are taking me out tonight for a girl’s date to have dinner and see and movie.  I don’t get out much to the movies – this might be my fourth theatrical release this year? – so it is exciting for that alone.