Baby Talk

Three weeks on and Elinor is still a new baby every day.

Sleeping baby

Our latest struggle is that she doesn’t like to go to sleep.  She fights it.  She is very active, alert; she wants to hang out, not miss a thing.  Once she is asleep, she is fine, so long as she is clean and her arms are covered so she doesn’t startle herself awake.  It’s the journey to the Land of La that she resists.

This is tiresome to deal with all the live-long day but at night…. Well.

Knit on

The two front halves of the Urban Aran Cardigan are underway.  I’m on the home stretch!  (Of the knitting!  The sewing up shall kick my butt later.)

Urban Aran Cardigan in progress

The Zauberball sock hit a knot in the road today:

Zauberball socks

Can you see in the photo above where the working yarn suddenly changes from fuschia to purple?  Yeah, there’s no “suddenly” about this yarn.  I’m really irritated – this skein should not have left the mill! – granted, I have a short fuse these days thanks to sleep deprivation.  If they were my own socks, I’d throw them in a corner and ignore them for 6 months.  No, actually, I’d sigh, cut out the knot, and keep knitting.  But for my friend, who has been an immense help to our family recently, I will problem solve, see if I can resplice with the correct color change.

Also on my plate, almost entirely ignored:

knit dishcloth

A dishcloth.  The first in a series.  I’ve ordered some awesome colors from Peaches & Creme (their online prices are good; they have ALL the colors; and they ship fast).  This was supposed to be my brainless postpartum knitting but then I didn’t finish my nearly brainless prenatal knitting so here we are.  The eventual plan is to release my notes (one might say “patterns”) on the various dishcloths I’ve been churning out and giving away these past seven years.  Meanwhile, I really need some new dishcloths; mine are falling apart.

Then there was this bit of pretty, started on a whim two days ago.

knit design in progress

Just a bit more and it will be finished, whereupon I will reveal to you what it is.


I planted peas…. Then came the squirrels, the rain, and the snow.  I think I will be replanting those peas.  I also still need to plant spinach, lettuce, and other spring crops.  Inside, things look a little more promising:

starting seeds indoors

Onions!  Also parsley, monarda, cutting celery, and peppers!  (Shh, the kale and broccoli raab got leggy and need a do-over, oops.)

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  1. Holy cow! You are so productive! The sock looks great, yarn issues aside. Happy Easter!

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