Oooo… Pretty!

Once upon a time there was an average 30-something mother of two who went to a Halloween party.

M arrived and said, “Did you check your email today?  I have something in my trunk for you.”

“No…” I fumbled for my schamncy new smartphone, trying to get to my email as I trailed behind M to her friend’s car.

You will not believe what she pulled out of the trunk!  It was just about the last thing I could have imagined.  Right after a dead body…


For me!  For free!  I was speechless.  I may have skipped across a leaf-strewn field and pumped my fist in the air.  (There is some backstory to heighten the dramatic unveiling, involving a near purchase a year ago of a beautiful loom for $150, over which my husband and I exchanged harsh words.)

This is TIA

Welcome to my new baby, a 1976 TIA 20″ rigid heddle loom, complete with a stand gifted to me by my weaving enabler (and ultimately the person responsible for turning M and her free loom in my direction), G.  A week later, G taught me how to warp her and I was off and weaving a sari silk scarf.

This beautiful skein of sari silk is almost one of my oldest pieces of stash.  I foolishly bought just one skein and have never been able to settle on a project for it.  Nor apparently just go buy another skein, don’t ask me why.

I can’t wait to see how the texture blooms after its first bath

The sari silk is working out well as a scarf.  The warp is Paton’s Kroy sock yarn and some leftover yellow cotton, Classic Elite I think.

The only question is: what do I weave next?

Always ready for a close up

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