Numero Tres

Third on my list of baby knits was this:

Argentine baby sweater

The Sweater from Argentina, or so I think of it.  The title on my rumpled paper is “Baby’s Jacket Knitted in One Piece.”  The yarn is nothing special – ball band is long gone but I believe it is sport weight Wool-Ease in a heathered purple colorway.  I went digging in the stash for something sport weight one night and there weren’t a lot of options but this is fine.  And yey, stash reduction.

I am charmed by the one-pieceness of this little jacket.  It’s done with short rows to shape the yoke and casting off and on to separate the sleeves.  Cleverly simple.  I am strangely enjoying the US 2/sportweight combo contrasted with the bulky adult sweater I’m also working on.  I’m sure it would be less fun if I were knitting an adult sweater on US 2 needles.  Has anyone seen this baby sweater pattern online?  I haven’t so I’m going to ask my friend if she would consider putting it up on Ravelry.

The Urban Aran Cardigan is not forgotten.  I am almost done with the back, which is the single largest piece so yey!  I thought I had taken a recent progress shot but no.  You’ll just have to imagine and wait with baited breath to see the back when it’s done.

The baby blanket pieces are nearly done.  The colors are weird and giving me fits as I try to figure out how to put it together.  My latest idea is to knit them together with wide border/background of some neutral such as white or black.  This is following my idea of doing 12 blocks instead of 16 so the wide border would make up the lost inches.  We’ll see.  Because of course I do believe the baby won’t come until the blanket is done and there’s no better motivation for the heavily pregnant than that!