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Darlings, it has been a mad, mad summer.  I desperately await the day, a month from now, when my little-big boy will leave the bosom of our family and begin his first day of preschool.  I will probably cry because I am sentimental that way but it will be relief all around because he’s smart and social and needs the stimulation.

Me, I wouldn’t mind a break from being his personal entertainment committee.  The charm of the magic trick of producing a sibling from my own body has worn off for him.  Not that he doesn’t adore her but she’s still pretty boring for him 80% of the time.

The baby is starting to get around.  Not crawling but somehow she manages to get from one place to another in her efforts to explore her world.

This has not been the summer – or year – of knitting I usually hope for, plan for.  Something went funky with my neck and arm a month ago and now I am barely knitting.  I probably have a swollen disk.  Is that TMI?  I hope not.  Blech.  That said, I wouldn’t be here writing if I didn’t believe I was on the mend.  I have mostly laid on the couch for three days and had a big improvement.  Now for the chiropractor and the physical therapist so this never ever ever happens again (because of course this is not the first time; I just didn’t understand what it was before).

Today I was struck with the bug to cast on!  You know how it goes, the dreaming up of projects, leaping about Ravelry like a young gazelle…. Weeeeee!  Right now I would like to make an entrelac scarf from Noro Silk Garden or a similar yarn; Clapotis from Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport (lighter weight than the original); and a Katie Beret, probably with a colorful Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn.  This of course completely disregards all my other knitting plans that have lain in wait all year like the Ribby Cardi for myself and socks for me, my friend, and my husband. Etc ad infinitum.  I make lists as a hobby, I think.  No harm in a list.

Luckily for my knitting plans, I have a pocketful of bday gift certificates.  Sadly I have very little personal time.  Luckily this must change so I don’t become a giant knot of pain again.  So I am thinking maybe I can have an afternoon or two while the boy’s at preschool wherein I sit in a cafe downtown, drinking a silly hot drink, knitting, and being chatted up by my delightfully verbose daughter.  It’s an idea.  Want to join me?

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  1. Cast on! Go for it! As for the knitting at a cafe downtown w/ a chatty baby–sounds great! Sign me up…

  2. Lists as a hobby! Suddenly part of my life makes more sense!

    I’d love to join you at the cafe as well, at least until my maternity leave is up…

  3. For the last few months I have been enjoying your web site! I am a “home-again” mother, grandmother and wife that enjoy all aspects of knitting and crafting. But knitting is my true love! My girls are grown and out on their own providing me the joy of being a grandma. Since Norah’s birth I have a whole new obsession, again, with knitting little girl projects. Of course, the never ending socks, dishclothes and the never ending project for myself I enjoy sharing and hearing others joys of knitting. I would love to become a new log in member. I live in a little town in Rhode Island and I was very lucky to join a small but close knitting group where we meet once a week. But this would be another way of sharing my love of the needles and yarn.

  4. @Charlotte – ah, if only it were still that simple… life has changed a lot in the past month!

    @Jenny – I love lists a little too much.

    @Kaydie – Welcome! I’m not really sure about the login thing but you are now approved to post comments at will.

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