Nine hours and seven minutes

Today was one minute longer than yesterday.

Here we are on the other side of the year’s longest night.  Yes, some of us, myself included, managed to stay up all night.  There was a tough time between about 5 and 6 am during a Wii Golf tournament when I thought I wasn’t going to make it.  We were pretty useless the entire next day but it wasn’t stressful.  Matt and I took turns napping (and so did the toddler, whew), leftovers were consumed.

The holiday projects came out as well as I could have hoped and predicted.  Noah’s fingerless mitts – Dashing – were finished just in time but Abby’s slipper socks were not.  I finished those later in the evening and they warmed her toes all the live long night.  Completely unfinished were Matt’s felted clogs and Zander’s sweater, which only needs seaming but that’s not knitting so this is a huge (mental) hurdle for me.  As of today, the clogs are done and I’m just tacking the soles together with a backstitch before tossing them in the washer (fortuitous since there’s lots of laundry to be washed).  I hope they will be dry enough for Matt to wear tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, at his mom’s house.  They will be sans leather patch soles for a while because, well, I have other things on my mind.  And maybe he will do that part himself.  The only reason we have leather in the house is because he does stuff with it, crafty Eagle Scout that he is.

I started my Moss Stich Beret yesterday using Tahki Donegal Tweed probably in #894 Dark Grey-Green. I’m already planning to mod the brim with a turning purl row and no second needle to pick up the provisional stitches for knitting together the hem.  I do hems like this all the time, love ’em, and will just pick up and knit the stitches as I go around.  It’s not really a pattern change, just a different way to do the same thing.

My sister gave me a crocheted hat with ear flaps for Solstice so my IMMEDIATE need for a warm head covering is relieved but… it’s not a beret so I am not satisfied yet.  I was explaining the beret series to Matt while we wheeled around on Saturday.  He was amused that I needed more than one but gamely went along with advising me on matching pattern and hat as I got started.  Also, I completely forgot that, being an Eagle Scout, he was also deeply into berets once upon a time.  I am assured he doesn’t want one (whew, they are still ALL for ME) but I know he needs a warm winter hat (like I need more books or yarn – he has a hat collection – I will show it to you one day – but it is true that woolly winter hats are underrepresented in said collection).  I am thinking Thorpe will be a welcome addition as well as easy to come up with some yarn laying around the house.

And omigod I almost peed my pants when I went to get the Thorpe link and saw the new pattern pair at Through the Loops: Lisa and Katie.  Will the slouchy hat love never end?  I am especially weak for Katie but unsure that a hat with that much slouch is good for me, whereas Lisa is a bit more like what I am immediately after.  Actually, Lisa is pretty similar to the Moss Stitch Beret with which I am currently engaged, only with some attractive star-swirling decreases.  Am I so fickle …?  Maybe.  The beauty of hat knitting is the shockingly small amount of yarn that goes into knitting them.  I could make myself a whole army of slouchy hats.  Bwhahaha!