Madly, Deeply

That is how much I want a beret.

I don’t wear hats but in college I tried berets and found my exception.  Whether or not they look good on me (most hats do not) is moot – *I* like how they look on me.  Or how I imagine myself to look in one.  Whatever.  They are wool and they cover my head and I will wear them.  (I feel like I am reasoning with my three-year-old self here.)

Alas, after going through a few of the plain black wool variety which I probably picked up at Target, I lost the last one and never replaced it.

This was all before I took up knitting in 2002.  Why have I not made myself headgear?  (Calorimetry doesn’t count, especially because I rarely wear it.)  Two years ago, I made Solstice hats for my family.  But not myself.  (Do not mistake me for the selfless knitter.  I just have a short attention span.  Re: multitudinous projects on the needles!)

This beret re-obsession has been sneaking up on me slowly this autumn.  Patterns coming out which catch my eye.  Mentions that slouchy hats are fashionable.  Me walking sloooowly across a windy November parking lot with toddler in tow, acknowledging that my jacket hood is but a windy cave.

A few days ago I realized I would be lucky to see the Winter Solstice sun rise without casting on for a beret.  I will try.  There is miles of yarn to go before that night…

I want to make a plain (and FAST) one first, then maybe Gretel, lovely Gretel.  Also I am charmed by the multicolored tam so that will be number three.

The first sign that this is an obsession: one is not enough.  The second? Instead of eating or dressing my child, I go spelunking for yarn:

The other morning our newly replaced halogen bulb burnt out (good thing they come in 2s) so in the dawn twilight I was bent over the cedar chest in the living room with a flashlight digging for the second skein of Donegal Tweed (dark foresty green).  In the process I found two skeins of Cascade Pastaza (dusky peacock).  Two hats worth!  And when I finish Equinox sometime in the next millennia, all the leftover Berroco Ultra Alpaca (I heart you, you warm softie!) for the colorwork in the yoke can go into a tam.  Maybe one of these?  Which are so beautiful (albeit a tad pastel) that I am weak in the knees.  And, apparently rhyming.  Perhaps another sign of obsession?

My enjoyment of picking out projects + yarn is second only to the actual knitting – at least while the knitting is fun, not the slogging to get it done part.  That is one measure better than seaming, the thing I must tolerate for my beloved hobby.

Finishing my Solstice knits before the Solstice looks dire but I do not fear my family’s disappointment or finger-pointing.  I have to get them done so I can make a beret so I don’t get a terrible cold for which I cannot take any medication!  And, ye gads, what if one of them thinks they can keep the knitting needles in their holiday package?  And what if said needles were the ones I need to make my beret?!?

Back to knitting.  Before I make myself cry.

Photographer's Assistant
Photographer’s Assistant

3 Replies to “Madly, Deeply”

  1. Oh dear. Don’t cry! You’ll make it! There’s a beret at the end of the tunnel!

    Have you considered Fern Glade from the most recent Knitty? I was vaguely tempted by it, and I’ve always thought I looked stupid in berets.

    What an adorable assistant you have.

  2. Despite my blathering, I haven’t actively trolled for beret patterns yet. Some have just come up and smacked me on the head. Thanks for the tip on Fern Glade. I checked it out but it’s too lacey.

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