Love Is a Pair of Hand Knit Socks

Charlotte had a great idea for what to do about adding elastic.  From the comments yesterday:

What if you picked up the brim edge stitches (or even stitches on the inside of the brim), then knit a short inside brim, which you then three-needle-bound-off into the brim on the inside. This would form a tube for elastic, which you could then hide.

I’m totally going to do that.  Thanks, Charlotte!

The parade of finished objects continues…

Next up: kid socks!

I made these for my darling anklebiters in a 10/11 and a 5/6 (toddler sizes).  I am gratified that my kids love to wear their hand knit socks and will reach for them first in the drawer (when they’re there).  Too bad for them that they grow so quickly because they generally only get one new pair a year.  E is lucky that she inherits Z’s hand knits; Z is lucky he doesn’t grow so fast anymore, thus his hand knit socks can be worn for longer than 6 months.

These were knit in either Opal or Fortissima Colori Socka. Using leftovers, y’know?  Pattern is just my usual formula – guess or measure the girth of the foot and ankle, multiply by the gauge, round to the nearest number divisible by four and cast on!  I made E’s socks first only because they were a gross miscalculation for Z’s pair.  This is another frustrating theme in my past attempts to make my son socks.  I always make them too small and end up ripping and reknitting so many times I could have made him two pair.

I’ve been thinking lately that I might want to slowly turn toward Opal for socks because it is a tough but not rough yarn that will even survive the dryer, thus keeping our handknit socks in quicker rotation.

4 Replies to “Love Is a Pair of Hand Knit Socks”

  1. If Opal survives the dryer, it’s a really good pick for sock yarn! That means no socks will be harmed in the wash process. And other people can do the laundry–bonus!

    Just make Z’s socks bigger than you think they should be. He will probably be happy to wear big socks and eventually they’ll fit.

    I’ve started making socks in large women’s sizes (or that’s what the patterns say). Most turn out too small and then I give them to whatever kid they fit. It’s a good system. LOL!

    Glad the elastic idea sounds good. Clearly I’ve been doing more reading about knitting than actual knitting. 😉

  2. I have knit Robbie exactly one pair of socks, in that same yarn you’ve knit yours in (mine was a gift from Annette!). Lucy has a pair that Elissa knit in a spiral rib, with no heel. I might try this next time, as it means you just knit the tube a little long to start with and they’ll fit for a long time.

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