Larger than a breadbox…

That would be 250g (take a few grams for the swatch which is under the blue sticky notes in the background) of bulky weight minimally processed wool.  It’s not scratchy but it’s not soft, y’know?

See all those stitches?  I am still casting on.  I started yesterday morning.  It’s only 232 sts and one might think I have a short attention span but really I kept changing my mind about how this is going to be knit.  I thought I would do steeks, like one gal on Ravelry did but as I looked deeper into that, I discovered some folks, who knit the sweater body in one piece flat, adding selvage stitches to the front for the zipper and slipping the edge stitches for a tidy finish.  I like that!  It will make for some crazy pattern reading at first because my rows will all start in the middle where the cardi opens…but that can’t be harder than a steek, right? 😉

Took me a while to do the math of subtracting 4 unnecessary seaming stitches from the sides (mostly because you would then have P2 and P2 right next to each other, so it’s also aesthetic) and adding 4 selvage stitches to the front.  Turns out that 116+116-4+4=232.  Wow.

Also there is the hurdle of a certain someone being home from vacation.  Which means he’s ALWAYS around!  Sheesh.  I’ve been sneaking in working on this while I hide in my office to work.  Jenny asked in the comments:

Wait a minute. You’re casting on today for a sweater that has to be done in three or four weeks? Can you do that?

Hahaha!  Did I say 3-4 weeks?  Try… two weeks!  January 14.  But vacation is almost over and so is my work…  I will actually have the “luxury” of forsaking all else for those two weeks.  And it’s bulky yarn!

Let’s not lose photo momentum… here’s Z’s blue sock yesterday at a terrible diner (but at least they had hot dogs – why did we let the 3 yr old choose?  Must be some lingering Christmas spirit… bah humbug!):

60 sts on US1 – 1×1 rib followed by 4×2 rib.  Not pictured here: almost done with the heel flap.

And of course we cannot forget my lovely Lisa beret:

This was taken on the 26th, the day before I discovered it would need to be reknit.  (The color is rather washed out; the dark green is a very intense emerald…and sheds dye all over my hands so this will need a good soak before wearing).  In the meantime, I have been in touch with the designer, who hooked me up with an updated pattern, complete with bulky gauge, yey.  I just need to go get a circular needle to reknit with.  You can see the broken Denise cord in the first photo in this post.  Sigh.  Denise will replace it but I have to do all the work of finding an envelope and mailing it, blah blah, whine whine.  (The day I win a millions dollars, I am totally hiring a personal assistant.  I would love to have someone else go to the post office and get my oil changed for me.  I would pay them well, if only I had the extra $).