Kudos…and some stuff.

My site was down for a few days–apologies to those who were wondering what was going on.  My lifestyle is such that I am not hardwired to my computer so it took me a while to learn there was a problem (thanks to my friend, C, who emailed me repeatedly until something sunk into my pregnant brain).  The kudos are to Bluehost, our web hosting service for fast and easy and non-demeaning customer service.  I think I was on the phone for all of 2 minutes and my site was working before I hung up.  Not to mention the fact that in three or so years of being their customer, I think this is the first time we’ve had to call them.  If not, Matt’s not been complaining.

The flurry of holiday knits is upon me.  My family–my parents, sibs, and our SOs and offspring–celebrate Solstice as our winter holiday  (my husband and I do a traditional Xmas with his family).  I’ll write more about Solstice later in its own post.  What’s important to know here is that my mom introduced us to the idea of Solstice when we were kids and she would give us handmade dolls and whatnot.  It was awesome!  So we re-adopted this holiday as adults (in lieu of Christmas or Hanukkah) and try to give each other handmade or sentimental gifts.  Perfect outlet for a gift knitter, eh?

The Winter Solstice is at 7.04 am EST on Sunday 12-21-08.  Our party begins the evening before (some of us try to stay up all night).

I have 8 giftees total.  So far this year, I have exactly ONE gift done and tucked away…and 8 days to go.  This is not a strong year for me, clearly.  Two are half done or more.  Two others are not knit but involve sewing; I plan to do them this weekend.  Two more are not even started, although I have the yarn: one I will start today on the theory that I would rather gift everyone half-finished projects rather than some done and some not even close to done; the other I don’t have a pattern for and am trying to find one before I start designing it (love to design but damn, it takes a long time and I only have days).  That brings me to seven.

So number eight is my dad and I am not giving him a handmade gift this year.  Sadly.  He loves to receive clothing and will always wear the goods but I recently learned that my mom is hiding the handknits from him because she considers him too rough on them.  Which I don’t argue with per se, but I would rather someone wear them!  So while I sort through this conundrum in my head, I have only 8 days to finish everything and will gladly give him something that is not handmade but makes him happy: clothes.  He is, hands down, the easiest person to gift.  Just walk into the nearest department store and pick something masculine and warm, be it socks, sweater, jacket, slippers, or jeans, in a large size.  An optional step is to put it in a gift bag rather than the store’s bag.

The next week is going to be busy.  Luckily most of these gifts are of the hands and feet variety and involve worsted weight yarn.  I am trying to be somewhat realistic.

Of course, this crazy crafting schedule doesn’t take into account all of the extra things that come up on life like the stocking I am designing, which is only half-knit also needs to be done by Solstice.  Or my car, which broke yesterday.  And on and on.  You can imagine it.  It happens to all of us.  The best laid plans, etc.

My plan for foward momentum today involves starting Matt’s gift, which, I am going to go out on a limb and assume he’s not read this far and even if he has, he shouldn’t be too surprised since he just asked me for these last week.  I’m making him the famous Fiber Trends’ Felted Clogs with Cascade 220 in the Women’s 10 which is equivalent to Men’s 8.5, his size (their smallest Men’s size is 11!).  This is my first time through this pattern. I am hoping to find some suede scraps in his leather crafting stuff to put on the soles since we are phasing out carpet and wool+wood or cork or bamboo is SLICK!

Sorry about the lack of photos.  I am not in the habit these days, obviously, and when I sit down to start composing a post, it’s too late to start snapping because that’s a whole other brain wave.

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  1. I _was_ wondering what was going on, so thanks for the update. It’s a little sad your mom hides your dad’s handknits–the impulse is pure but I would also prefer that the stuff I make to be used actually be used. (My cousin’s son has worn the quilt I made him to bits, and I couldn’t be prouder.) Good luck on the crafting! You’ll knock some of that out Sunday, I’m sure.

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