Koigu PPPM, I knew thee well

It happened about six months ago and then again two months ago.  Two pairs of my handknit socks sprung holes.  SIGH.

They haven’t been deep-sixed because I think I might be up to darning them.  Some day.  I don’t care whether or not with the same color because darning is darning and it’s the bottom of my foot anyway.  Builds character, that kind of thing.

The truly sad thing is that they were both knit with Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM).  A delicious yarn in scrumptous colors that I never tire of.  The first pair it happened to, I was able to justify as “oh, that’s one of my oldest pair AND I do wear them a lot so it figures.”  When it happened to the second pair, well, they are also older but get worn less and… brace yourselves… they were a gift from my mommy.  Boo hoo!

(I put paper in the soles to help the holes show on camera.)

I am grateful that after the pangs of sadness subsided, I had the strongest urge to knit more socks.  (It could have swung the other way but once you go handknit, you never go back.)  Corollary to this urge is the thought that perhaps I need more pairs from Kroy and Opal because I am not gentle on my handknit socks.  I wear them around the house like slippers oftentimes and I suspect this does the most damage.

Being a budgetary sort of knitter who buys little on impulse, I don’t have much Koigu in the stash.  Whether or not these holes are a result of sock age or of yarn choice–or even something else altogether, like political leanings–it will probably be a long time before I make socks from KPPPM again.  But that frees me to relegate this exquisitely dyed merino to other parts of the body like hands, necks, heads–oh my!  Purl beret, for example.  Despite its need for delicate washing (which I do in the washer, then lay flat to dry), KPPPM makes for some awesome baby knits.  Maybe that’s just the antidote I need to cure my wistful sighs.

First, though, I need some new socks.

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  1. I can totally relate. I have hats and scarfs that my Oma knit for me over thirty years ago. There are certain things I hold onto holes or no holes. Just last week I asked Maie to darn a pair of sock she had knit for me about seven years ago. They are out of P133B that I dyed and just loved. Don’t despair, darn. If you don’t darn them please don’t throw them away as I am looking for hand knit socks out of our yarn that have got holes. I have a couple of craft projects in mind. Please send them to me. But, remember. The holes are at the bottom and unless you have your feet up on the coffee table know one will know.

    Keep knitting and enjoy, Rhichard@Koigu.com

  2. In need of new handknit socks and new dishcloths–yikes! Or maybe it’s a good sign that you are using your handknits and not saving them for special occasions. 🙂

  3. Glad to know I’m not the only knitter with a holey sock collection. ;o)

    I have yet to darn a pair of socks well enough that I’m happy and I don’t constantly think something is stuck on my foot (because of the bumps in my crappy darning) so I collect the holey socks in the hopes that someday the lightbulb will go on and I’ll *get* it *sigh*

    Good to know about the PPPM – I have the same issue with artyarns.

  4. Apologies to Richard and JessaLu that your comment were held up waiting for moderation. Life moves slowly around here these days.

    I’m going to try the darning (eventually) but if it doesn’t work out, they’re yours, Richard.

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