Knitting in the Dark

Matt and I went to see Thor 2 this weekend and I realized I didn’t have any “easy” knitting so I grabbed a ball of sock yarn and 2.50mm DPNs. Matt thinks it’s pretty incredible that socks are what I consider easy knitting — as opposed to a scarf — and I think this is because a scarf requires a lot of forethought for me.  Who is it going to? What color, how soft, can it be in wool, and what stitch pattern?  Which needles and how wide and how many stitches to cast on?  The problem is that I don’t have a scarf recipe.  There are too many variables.

For socks I just need some fingering wool (blended with about 15% nylon for durability) and size 2.25mm or 2.50mm needles.  I also need to think about how big the recipient’s leg is — and generally I just do 72 stitches for adults, so that thought process doesn’t take long.

For these I cast on–you guess it–72 stitches and had joined in the round and knit the first round by the time the lights went down.

Maybe I should name these Bifrost Socks?
Maybe I should name these Bifrost Socks?

I had one sticky bit where I dropped a stitch, and then another while I was trying to pick up the first by feel in the dark.  Then the part of the movie where Odin is showing the book to Thor happens and there was some extra light so I could glance at my work and set it to rights.

The best part?  They’re too loose.  I use a 2.25mm needle for socks these days and I should have stuck with that.

Have you ever tried knitting in the dark?

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  1. Glad to see you writing again here!

    I rarely go to a concert or movie w/out a hat to work on. Only problem is I sometimes get messed up, and then there is some laddering and crochet-hooking up the ladders to get the knots and purls lined up again. Still, you can get a lot of knitting done at the movies or at concerts!

    Clearly, you need to figure out a worsted-weight scarf recipe. Then you will always be prepared for a spur-of-the-moment scarf. 🙂

    1. That was kind of how the moss stitch burgundy scarf happened; I think I want to start another! But scarves quickly get bulky for carrying around to movie theaters and restaurants. The muggles aren’t quite ready for it.

      I did rip out this sock start. Try, try again.

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