…in which I complain a lot but end on a somewhat crazy up note.

I had a great post prepared for Christmas in which I showed off my beret in progress.  Using my new camera (brown)!

And then a few things happened.

First, I couldn’t get the pictures off the camera.  I’m no techno-boob but turns out my card reader doesn’t handle SDHC (high capacity) so I need a new card reader (I know I can get to my pictures other ways but I am a big fan of the card reader).  Matt and I eventually gave up and downloaded the proprietary camera software we love to hate, hooked up the camera directly for downloading, and, a day late, I prepared to finish off my post yet again.

But wait!

The photo was too large for WordPress to upload.  $&@*#&$^!  Again with this issue!  What a cute problem to have, eh?  The equipment is too sophisticated for my end use needs.  Gah.  This time I could not intuit how to change the file size on the camera – maybe I am a techno-boob? – Matt to the rescue.  Now my photos will be under 1 MG each.

Then my Christmas Day green Lisa beret progress photo was a bit washed out and I was unenthusiastic at that point about fiddling with a sub-standard photo, blah blah blah.

But it doesn’t end there.  Sometime between the first and second problem, I broke my Denise cable trying to scoot my stitches along.  I don’t think they were too tight but they may have been a bit tight and a bit crammed.  I hear Denise has a lifetime warranty so I will look into getting my cable replaced.

Meanwhile I still had a beret to finish!  At 96 stitches around of bulky yarn, it was a close fit on double points but I only had a few more rows to go before decreasing.  Merrily we move along…

And then yesterday.  On our third hour-plus (one way) car trip of the holiday season, I finished my beret.  Tried it on.  And it was…not very beret-like.  More like a regular hat with some odd decreasing at the top.  It needs to be deeper.  I should probably go up a needle size since my gauge was a bit tight (this didn’t seem like a bad idea when I started – and the gauge seemed to be right for the pattern).  Alas.  Let me say it again: ALAS!  I cannot start to think my beret series is cursed from the start because I am superstitious enough to let that eat away at me.  I wrote to the designer to ask for clarification on the bulky version gauge since that was not listed in the pattern.  I will get back on this horse.  I may need to break down and buy a new cable needle to do it with, however.

Meanwhile: I am knitting on the third restart of my son’s socks.  Turns out that even with measuring repeatedly and with all my experience making adult sized socks, I cannot grasp the fatness of my skinny boy’s feet.  This time around, I went from 48 sts around to 60 (4×2 rib) which seem too big but better that than too small (yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shephard Sock leftovers from Conwy).  Many people have suggested the size doesn’t matter because, with another squeaker on the way, the socks will fit someone, but I made the horrible mistake of letting Mr Z pick the yarn so these are HIS socks.  No matter what.

While I’m whinging, let me just add that it occured to me over the last couple of days that all my daily aches and pains aren’t actually going away.  That I wasn’t having “good days” and “bad days” because I ache all the time and, at best, it’s a matter of degree.  I cannot take ibuprofen so Matt is under orders to make me sit down with a heating pad when I get truly evil.  This will be my reality for the next  two and a half months.  I shall be insufferable to live with since pain makes me bitchy.  You have been warned.  Although I am going to try very hard to take a prenatal yoga class which I have much faith will help my aches and mood.

Speaking of nurse Matt, I am planning to cast on for this today.  It’s for his birthday in mid-January.  I’m trying to keep it a secret; he’s not hyper-observant.  But he might be reading here.  I can’t ask him if he reads the blog or he will come look at what’s going on.  The larger issue is that I don’t have a lot of time to knit it up and I think he would agree that finishing the cardigan is more important than surprising him.  Right now, I am pretty sure he doesn’t know.  He asked me two days ago when was I going to make him a sweater – in that slightly despairing tone because even he can see how many projects I am doing simultaneously.  But he is also not stupid and knows his WINTER birthday is imminent.

My long US 10 circular needle is ready and the yarn, Cascade Ecological (economical and beautiful) Wool is wound.  Do I cast on 232+ sts and knit the whole thing in the round with steeks like a super brave confident knitter?  Or do I do lots of pieces that need sewing up and facings and make me curse my earlier cowardice?  I think I am going to go with the first option (EEK!  Or maybe that should be STEEK!) because I am currently seaming Z’s sweater and gods I hate seaming.  If the only sewing I have to do is on the zipper then maybe it will be done–all the way done–not just the knitting–before spring.

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  1. Wait a minute. You’re casting on today for a sweater that has to be done in three or four weeks? Can you do that? I know I can’t (unless it’s a baby sweater or I forsake all other things), but that’s me.

  2. Yeah, the sweater is a shade of crazy but within 48 hours I am unemployed until this baby pops. So I kind of do get to forsake most other things…

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