I tried to be selfish

After finishing the baby knits and most of a sweater sleeve last week, I tried selfish knitting but found all my parts are too swollen to accurately measure or try things on which suddenly sucked all the joy out of that idea.  Jaywalkers continue to hold.  They still look a lot like this, just longer:

Yeah, I’m STILL pregnant.  If you are surprised, trust me, I cannot believe it.  My son was born five days after his due date.  Here I am five days away from a 42-week induction.  Luckily, we are getting definite pre-labor signs so even if I have to be induced this weekend, it should go without trouble.  Should.  This baby, of course, is full of surprises so we’ll see.  Meanwhile, I must relax.

In two days last week, I knit up most of the first sleeve of Matt’s Urban Aran Cardi:

Hooray for bulky yarn and straightforward instructions.  This is going quickly.  Good laying-on-the-couch-gestating-and-watching-silly-movies sort of knitting.  I’m hoping to put down the computer soon and finish this sleeve.  To be officially halfway through the sweater.

When the Jaywalkers had to be put away, I did try to start another beret (Purl Beret) but was again beset by gauge issues.  I thought I could make a very light worsted alpaca yarn sub for a heavy fingering.  Not so much.  Really the problem was that I didn’t have enough of the color I most wanted to use.  Definitely a pregnant brain moment.  I like the simple, straightforward pattern though.  I just need to pick a new yarn.

On Saturday I gave up on myself and cast on for a pair of socks destined to be a gift.

The yarn is new to me and to the rest of the world: Zauberball, distributed by Skacel.  It is a single-ply superwash wool/nylon blend with very long color repeats.  I am leery of the single ply (for sock durability) but so completely taken with the luminescent quality of the color that I figure it’s worth trying out, once.  I associate this luminescent quality with yarns that contain mohair, like Lamb’s Pride, but the ball band does not indicate any mohair content.  I don’t know enough about dyes to begin to guess at what else it could be.  Another charming quality is that if you look very closely at the individual colors, you can see that they are subtly heathered.

Maybe I should get another skein of this to make myself a Purl Beret. 🙂

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