I read it on the Internet: Robin McKinley knits

I recently started a Twitter account for Entangled – come find me under EntangledDesigns if it please you! – and did what any red-blooded tweeter would do and “followed” a ton of other knitters, as well as some family and a few famous people whom I thought might be interesting or amusing.

One such famous person was Robin McKinley, beloved author of fine books like The Blue Sword and Deerskin and Door in the Hedge and The Outlaws of Sherwood.  I’ve been reading her books since I was a young adult and, like most authors, she was mostly a name on a cover.  A name I was always happy to see and an assurance that good things lay within. Of course, I have small children (plus husband) and at least two jobs additionally so I am not at all current with her oeuvre.  Or anyone’s oeuvre.

Quite unexpectedly, amidst all the knitting tweets, came a tweet from McKinley… about knitting.

Just like in her books, she is so funny!  So real!  Read it here:

Frelling Knitting

You know what this means, don’t you?

Coolest. Author. Ever.




2 Replies to “I read it on the Internet: Robin McKinley knits”

  1. Funny! I just finished Spindle’s End by McKinley. Really liked it. It’s at the PTO Thrift now…but I bet the library has it, when you have the time to read it. 😉

    1. She’s so funny. Can’t remember if I’ve read it or not but I think I also have a copy. Yeah… I get about 15 minutes a night to read. Gotta change that.

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