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I am still alive and well … and nine-months pregnant.  Days to go to the official due date and we believe the baby has dropped so we are definitely in the home stretch.  Waiting, waiting, waiting.  Washing baby clothes and packing bags and waiting some more.

Oh and the knitting.  It’s all baby knitting all the time these days.  The Argentine sweater is still in progress although I am now up to the second sleeve.  I made a pair of Saartje’s booties with some handdyed yarn leftovers and then the booties went missing.  They are somewhere in the house.  I keep looking and it makes me quite sad.  They knit up fast but half the work is sewing which I loathe so I just want to find this pair and put on the buttons and be done.  Grump!

The baby blanket is partially pieced – I have four strips of three squares each.  After trying a few ways to knit in strips of cream between the squares, I gave up that dream and am using single crochet to join the squares together – very fast but perhaps not the most attractive thing on the reverse side (you’ll see in the finished photos).  I will put a border around the blanket, probably also crochet because it’s fast and at this point, if you hadn’t picked up on my subtle hints, it’s all about being FAST and DONE.  Gods forbid this child is waiting for her blanket to be finished before she arrives.  Zander was five days late and his blanket was completed about 36 hours before I went into labor with him.  I certainly do have my superstitions.

Urban Aran and other lovelies are officially backburnered until the baby is born.  I’ve reached that point where I cannot think of anything else but the baby.  Which is good, really, because there were many distractions throughout this pregnancy with the result that we did very little prep.  Not that much is needed the second time around but there is something to be said for feathering one’s nest and pondering the VIP who is about to arrive.  And so, I am off for more pondering…

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  1. Me too! I’m going to take apart the buffet. It’s the only piece of furniture in the dining room other than table and chairs!

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