Fourth time’s a charm

This post could also be called “Love is a pair of fingerless gloves” because knitting tiny tubes to spec is kind of a pain in the ass.  My husband Matthew and I were laying in bed last night, having that last half hour of reading before drifting off to sleep and I was not reading but measuring my husband’s fingers in preparation of this afternoon’s knitting when his fingers would not be available.

It’s not enough that I am making these to fit (and at least now they do fit) but also going off pattern to make the finger tubes a specific length which is uniform across his hand rather than staggered to fit to each knuckle as the pattern suggests.

But then, what’s the point of handknit gloves if they do not, well, fit like a glove?  Albeit fingerless?  Which is not actually fingerless but more fingertip-less.

handknit fingerless gloves

I started these in early December with the idea that they would be a holiday gift or perhaps a birthday gift (mid-January) for Matthew.  Things did not go well.  The first attempt was plagued by gauge issues and wonky cables.  Rip.  The second attempt, using Ann Budd’s Handy Book, was way too big.  I’m not sure why but perhaps I mis-measured his hand.  Rip. The third attempt, which I am unabashedly blaming on illness, was alarmingly similar to the second attempt.  I meant to go with a smaller size and it seems like I went with… the exact same (too big) size.  Doh.

Matthew gamely tried to claim that they fit well enough but I, who am not terribly picky about fit, let’s be honest, was having none of ill-fitting fingerless glove #3. That was early January and the fingerless gloves went into time out.

I restarted these last Friday, after a pathetic appeal concerning cold hands.  Yarn is from Oak Meadow Alpaca Farm in Walkerton, IN.  I bought it at the Michigan Fiber Festival a few years ago.  It is a bit scratchy because some coarse guard hairs were left in the fiber.  Matthew assures me he wants to wear this on his hands.  Perhaps.  Hopefully.

Meanwhile, speaking of hands, I am completely bewitched by the mawata mittens seen here and here.  I have some blank mawatas a friend left with me this weekend and I have dye….  I should go put those mawatas on to soak.

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  1. Sure hope the 4th round of fingerless gloves is the perfect fit. If nothing else you’ve proved yourself to have stick-to-it-iv-ness!

    I just unpacked the fiber bag I brought to your house the other night and kept thinking I should put those 2 silk hankies in jars of water to soak overnight. Though I only have food coloring and Kool-Aid, I can’t resist! (No pun intended.) It’s February–bright colors are sorely needed!

    So, did you dye your silk?

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