I found the booties yesterday.  In a basket of yarn so no harm done, eh?

Pattern is Saartje’s Booties, yarn is handdyed Knit Picks sock yarn from a few years back.  It is leftover from a pair of socks I made for my sister.  I think it is superwash but we shan’t take any chances.

I have some white buttons to put on the booties but that is sewing and blogging is more fun so it’s still not done.

In other baby knits: I am working on the second sleeve of the Sweater from Argentina (which is knit in one piece from button band to button band) and I have found a pattern for wool soakers which seems to be popular with Ravelry knitters.  Good enough for me.  I will restrain myself from starting the soakers until the baby sweater is done.  Which may happen by tomorrow.

From the department of Not Knitting: the 2009 garden will officially begin this weekend (unless I am busy bringing forth other life into this world) when we plant onion seeds and decorate our sunny, warm dining room with trays of dirt.  Matt hates it but it is so much more affordable than warming mats and grow lights out in the garage.  I think we will also start a covered planter on the (sunny) back deck for lettuce – a trick I learned from Lori.

2 Replies to “Found!”

  1. I’m so glad you found them! They’re adorable, too. Maybe the baby is waiting for the sweater to be done?

    Hooray for gardening, too! I need to start some things myself this weekend. I’m interested to see you strayed from the Parade cucumbers–I hope these ones do well for you!

  2. I know, I NEED to finish the sweater now! There are all sorts of things to be superstitious of these days.

    I am nervous about straying from my beloved Parades but I was able to buy these from the garden shop in town, on discount, no shipping… And I have read about Northern Pickling cukes somewhere. I think they are an old standard.

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