For the children

I’m not sure I ever wrote here about the socks I made Zander for Solstice.  That would be because our GSD puppy chewed a hole in the heel 24 hours after I finished them and put them on Zander’s feet (he loved them and wouldn’t take them off).  This also happened on my husband’s birthday, 5 minutes before he walked in the door.  It still makes my stomach hurt to remember this perfect storm of events.

I have sworn off sock knitting for children until they can demonstrate an ability to defend themselves and their personal property.

I’ve also sworn off knitting baby blankets except for my own children and then only one each.  Turns out my mind was playing tricks on me, saying things like “quick” and “easy” and “not much yarn, you might even have some in the stash already.”  Hah.  The baby blankets I choose always take as much yarn as an adult sweater and I always end up buying new and… no more.

Where does this leave me?  Sweaters, of course.

For some reason yesterday morning, my son decided he was cold and he needed to wear a sweater (in June, I know.  He’s four).  When next he appeared, he was wearing the sweater I knit for him during the holidays.  The arms are a bit too long and the body a bit too short and the neck could use a neckband but I lost interest when I realized he wouldn’t fit the ill-fitted sweater for too much longer.  Nevertheless.  He LOVES it.  “Mommy, this is the sweater you knit for me,” he says happily.

Indeed.  Despite the sock incident, I know no one appreciates my handknits as much as him.  I don’t know what it means to him but I am completely, thoroughly charmed.  Next up for Zander might be a Sherwood, a pattern I have loved since the day it was released.  For baby Elinor, well, we’ll see what emerges.  She would need to develop the ability to spend time being held by people other than her mother if she wants her mother to knit her things.  Just sayin’.

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  1. Sherwood’s a cool pattern! I hadn’t seen it before (not keeping up w/ Knitty, apparently). Knit it big–kids look cute in extra-big shirts w/ cuffed sleeves. And knit it in a color both kids can wear. I’d hold her so you can knit…if she’d let me…

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