First thoughts

I didn’t plan a six month hiatus and I’ve just realized that my absence here coincides with a big project I was working on that involved me reading about a novel a week.  Intense but can’t complain.

My garden was a joke this year. The worst it has been since I took it up in a serious way about six years ago.  It has grown every year, even with moving three times. Helps that we moved to places with more land I could work.  But this year, the combination of big work project starting in late June, high energy toddler, and no fence around my yard meant that I could not be outside working in the garden for more than ten minutes before she ran off and I had to follow.  Very frustrating.  There was talk about the house of making it more of a family effort but that came to naught.  And really, I just spent all my free time and some of theirs reading and writing.

The seed catalogs are starting to arrive and I am baffled.  Do I even bother?  I am trying to project forward to next summer.  I wonder if the small one will even be napping anymore.  I can’t not do a garden.  So it becomes a matter of how. And how much. Soil fertility is down so I think I may focus on feeding the soil over growing veg.  I’ll grow food but I need to learn how to feed my soil without pouring buckets of expensive fish emulsion into the ground.  Starting with all those friends who got chickens recently. 🙂

Finally sitting down to read my past six months of Organic Gardening helps my motivation.  And still in time to do some yard cleanup, given our warmer autumn.

The knitting never stopped, of course.  In fact this morning I woke with a fire in my head about dying a huge hank of yellow worsted weight handspun alpaca/wool which was–I am not kidding–my first piece of stash yarn.  I saw it, loved it, it was only $8 and I knew I did not know what I was going to do with it. (In fact, at the time of purchase, I think my only plan was to pet it.)  The hank has moved with me three times.  A few days ago I realized my problem is that I need to dye it.  Being soft, it begs to be worn next to the skin, but this pale lemony yellow is just about the worst color I could wear. This morning, my very first thought upon waking was to overdye it with blue or green.

I love my first thoughts of the day.  It is always something interesting.

Hard upon that I remembered that I have 2 skeins of Cascade Pastaza in a dark teal that would make a fantastic cowl.  Because walking my son to school is starting to get really cold and I am much more interested in knitting myself five complete sets of hat-scarf-mittens than holiday gift knitting.

Holiday gift knitting is minimal.  I am making armwarmers for my niece, mitts for my husband, and… that’s it!  I was going to make my children bears and then I tried to start them the other night and remembered how much I HATE knitting toys. So I freed myself of that obligation.

Anyway, after I woke up and had my first thoughts, I had to actually touch the yellow handspun and the Pastaza. In the same basket–the Alpaca Basket–were two skeins of Knit Picks Panache.  YUMMO!  Why is this not on my body?

Simultaneously my brain was trying to figure out how to make another cowl out of the handspun Jenny has gifted me (some of which is alpaca!).  I have three skeins, ranging worsted to bulky, in light green, dark emerald green, and purples.  Although the colors look nice together, I am not sure the yarns belong together.  So I am thinking thoughts of how to get the most out of small skeins of handspun.  Which are, of course, so beautiful I could just leave them as art to look at but I’ve been doing that for a while already.  Currently I am thinking of a Cat Bordhi Moebius Cowl because one can just keep knitting until the yarn runs out.  But I think I want to change it up from her simple lace pattern to garter stitch.

Well, all this typing is cutting into my knitting time.  Hah!  Time to go make something warm.

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  1. Welcome back! For the garden, maybe plan on working with what seeds and plants you already have, so that you won’t feel bad if it doesn’t happen. Maybe it’s time to try involving the kids. Z could have his own little veggie patch. I’ve planted bulbs and had the kids have to choose which bulbs go in which holes; I dug the hole, then they planted the bulb and covered it up. Whatever it is, it has to be something where your job takes just a bit less time than their job…and then you race! Dunno if that will work w/ your ages, but it would be worth trying. Or you could invite over a friend who likes to garden who has older kids who will distract your kids. Just a thought.

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