Endings and Beginnings

The green socks are DONE!  No small thanks to Charlotte who did half the knitting!

It’s hard to catch these socks between feet and laundry and in fact I had to fish them from the top of the basket for this pic.  Zander loves them and immediately requested a new sweater.  I gladly put in the call to grandma who in fact has a wack of the same yarn, Plymouth Jelli Beenz, to make a child’s sweater or two.  Ball’s in your court, G-Terry.

I started some little green socks for Elinor, knit one almost to completion, crammed it on her foot and thought, Self, this sock is running small.  My daughter has big feet.

Riiiiiiiiiiip.  Cast on for the Size 2.  Immediately set aside because recipient has no long term memory and other things seemed more pressing…

Like this!

Elinor’s Christmas stocking, knit in Rauma Strikkegarn, a rough, sticky yarn that was perfect for colorwork.  The color is deliciously saturated without being a distracting eyesore.  I think the Strikkegarn natural is a little brighter than the Heilo used for the other three.  These stockings make me happy.

As for beginnings, I started a project for myself on Christmas Day:

2 Replies to “Endings and Beginnings”

  1. Oooo, pretty purples and magentas. What will it be? I am feeling the need to sew once work is caught up! I think you should make the next size up for Zander of the green socks because then the children could have continuous memory of the marvelous green socks and the green socks become a childhood memory thing. Elinor could have the ones he is wearing now once and he could have the next size up. Am I making any sense? I haven’t drank more than one cup of coffee. Need much more.

  2. You are making sense, no worries. Zander told me this morning that the socks didn’t fit him anymore (he was coming up with lots of reasons why he was bigger so it was part of that game). But this stings especially because a year ago almost to the day the dog destroyed his last pair hours after I gave them to him. So I told him I wouldn’t make him anymore socks. And this time I mean it. Yeesh.

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