It started with talk of a baby hat for Matt’s co-worker, who is due to have her first child in less than a week.  I wanted to do a simple baby hat to tuck into the gift package.  In looking up head circumferences, I saw a sketch of one of those hats with two points and tassles – you know what I am talking about?  Because I can’t find the name for it.  It lays completely flat when not worn.  They look a little goofy.  They are often made for children.

Anyway, I wanted to make one of those.  But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to knit it flat and sew up or knit in the round and graft the top so I started searching Ravelry (to no avail – what are they called?!)…

Matt dreams big.  He wanted a baby knit for his co-worker that used binary because both she and her husband are geeks.  I searched “baby knit binary” and look what I found!  Nrrrdbaby binary hat!

Too perfect!

Yes.  Too perfect because the designer doesn’t provide a pattern.  This wouldn’t be hard to reverse engineer – and indeed I made notes to that effect – but I almost lost sight of the fact that this was supposed to be QUICK.  And SIMPLE.  Gah.

Back to my original plan for a plain, WARM hat.

Ah, that’s more like it.  Free pattern here: Square Baby.  It is also available on Ravelry.  It knits up in less than 3 hours – talk about instant gratification.

I’ll save the quirky binary hat for my own child-of-geek.  I guess that makes the binary hat #9 in my parade of baby knits.  Ha!

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  1. Cute Hat! Funny coincidence: I just made something a lot like this for the Knit One, Save One Campaign–made it up as I went along and then 3-needle-bound-off the top edge (easier than sewing). Your pom-poms are nicer than the ones I made, though..boo, hoo!

  2. Somehow this was way less thought for me than a traditional round hat, for which there are millions of patterns and I could never pick one. No decreases, no textural patterning. Now I fear I won’t be able to stop at just one…

  3. Wow, Lori, that is damn near the same pattern except knit flat and sewn up. Well, whew. I thought I was loose a screw when I couldn’t find a pattern for one of these. But there was only so long I was willing to search.

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