With all this sweater knitting going on, I’ve kept a sock going for traveling about or when I needed a break from any kind of mental activity.

Last weekend, I woke a bit earlier than my family, which is normal.  I’ve been reading classics online so I grabbed my laptop and my sock knitting, put them in bed, went to the bathroom, came back to bed and–crunch!  Knelt on my sock in progress.  I broke two of five needles and even though I have a spare (thanks, Knit Picks), I am not fond of knitting a circle on three needles. Honestly, I was still so groggy, I just tossed it off the bed and went on with reading.

It took me a day and a half to find another set of US 1 needles.  Hm.  I should have more but where are they?

This makes me feel justified for just a few seconds that I should go order some stuff from Knit Picks.  Then I remind myself that I only have one pair of hands and I can actually only knit one thing at a time, no matter what I dream of at night, so carry on, old girl.  When you’ve run out of sweaters to knit, you can get that Northern Lights Cape kit and throw in some of those stabby Harmony DPNs you love so much.

Or when your Brittany birch DPNs bite it, then really you will have no choice.  The other 284 needles will not do because they are not US 1/2.25 mm.  He won’t understand but he’s learned not to argue in certain arenas.  In fact, I think it was a US 1 DPN that punctured his arm a few years ago when he didn’t look where he was sitting.  Back when I still used aluminum 7 inchers.

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  1. I did! I have a whole whack of the aluminum ones, which are good with this yarn, if a bit long. I do like the Harmony DPNs because they have a glossy finish that puts them somewhere between a wooden needle and a metal one for texture… and now they come in 5, 6, and 7 inch lengths. I will definitely be getting more later this year.

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