Baracking the Vote

8:15 am at the elementary school by my house:

Baracking the Vote

We waited about an hour.  I would say it was a long line but I think the line we waited in for the 2000 election was at least as long.  (Which, interesting side note, that was the same year as the evil dangling chad and we voted on the same sketchy punch ballot and I swear, even with my college education and strong reading skills, that WAS a confusing ballot.)

While standing in line we saw lots of young kids and babies with their parents (ourselves included).  Also many senior citizens and students studying.  Someone thought to put chairs along the hallway which was helpful for some folks.  Coolest thing I overheard was an elderly man behind us in line telling someone about how he built the house he still lives in just a couple blocks away, sometime before 1950 (he did the electrical work for the original elementary school in the 50s).  Back then our pretty typical neighborhood, which is now lined with trees and houses, was mostly empty of houses and this man said he used to get up in the morning and shoot two pheasants before going to work.

How times have changed.

We are anxiously awaiting the end of the day.  Too exciting.  Oh and Legwarmer #2 is almost done.  As is Sock #1.  And those are just the characters to whom I have already introduced you.  I wasn’t kidding the other week when I said I had at least half a dozen projects on the needles.  But I only have two hands.  And these hands have been busy voting and knitting woolly tubes.

Another historic fact of this election is that voter turnout is expected to be very high.  If you are in the U.S. and are registered, please go vote today!

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  1. Obama won! And you guys get your stem cells and marijuana. Woohoo! 🙂 We stayed up late to watch the returns and listened to McCain’s and Obama’s speeches. I’m so excited. Here’s to change!

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