Aim for the 12…

Bubbles and Ice, March 2008 by Terry Ullmann
Bubbles and Ice, March 2008 by Terry Ullmann

I am seeing talk around the knitting blogosphere of people knitting 12 adult sweaters in 2009, aka NaKniSweMoDo.  This is a delicious and dangerous idea.  I know, for myself, this would be a Challenge, it would even be difficult, but not completely, utterly unachievable.  Just because I haven’t done it before…

My problem with large projects is small projects.  No, no.  I can simplify this further and say my problem is projects.  Plural.  I like to have lots of things on the needles at the same time which makes the large items (sweaters, blankets) grow slowly. Slooowly.  Glacial slowness, people.  For example, 11 months ago, I started the Equinox pullover.  Where is she now?  Still on the needles.  Haven’t touched it since June.  I really did want to finish it this year but not so much that I didn’t make plans to knit a pile of stuff for Solstice and a thing for a birthday in mid-January.  I MIGHT finish within the 12-month mark but frankly, I have no plan to.  I DO have a plan to finish Equinox before casting on Ribby Cardi, my maternity cardigan (not that I’m going to make it larger than normal, I just figured it would be wearable for these last few months–haha, if I have it done before the baby is born.  HA!).

I’m running off on a tangent.  I wanted to point out my natural predilection for things like NaKNiSweMoDo.  For the past two years, I have set goals for myself for knitting – just for fun – the year becomes what it will be regardless.

For 2007, I resolved to knit 12 pairs of socks, 6 sweaters?, and as much stash as possible.  Because I made my family socks for the holidays, I managed 12 pairs of socks without a cramp (2 were for children).  I made 5 sweaters as well, but only one was adult-sized.  Records also show at least 8 additional projects which used up stashed yarn.  Not bad at all.

For 2008, I resolved 13 socks, 6 tops (notice my strategic use of the word “top” rather than “sweater”), and more stash elimination.  Well.  I have only made 5 pairs of socks (all adult) this year with a pair on the needles right now which are actually slippers socks (worsted weight yarn).  The bigger joke is that I have finished 2 tops but one didn’t count because it was just hemming and seaming AND is angrily stuffed into a bag and shoved into a deep dark corner awaiting frogging.  Great pattern, great yarn, bad combo, and I should have known better.  ‘Nuff said.  The other top…is a shrug.  Miss Dashwood.  She is lovely.  She is my birthday present to myself.  She covers approximately 3% of my body and it is kind of embarrassing to count this as my one and only finished top of 2008.  Sigh.

I have finished more than 10 stash-busting projects so far this year!  One not in that number yet (it will be in 2009) is the baby’s blanket, which is decimating the large and mis-matched amount of Wool-Ease.  Whew.

Will I make a list of 12 adult sweaters to knit in 2009?  You betcha.  I love lists. Here’s the start of it:

1. supersecretbuttheinitiatedcanspyitonmyravelryqueue

2. Ribby Cardi

3. Twisted Vines Cardigan

4. Thermal

The first two are definites, the second two are near-definite (ie, haven’t bought the yarn yet).  There are other ideas but none so firm.

Will I entertain a notion of making 12 sweaters in 2009 in addition to the inevitable socks, design work, and giving birth?  Helen Keller said it best: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

3 Replies to “Aim for the 12…”

  1. Go for it! Maybe I will make a few list and lofty knitting goals for myself…tempting! And, yes, stash knit-down would be good. But, um, does this mean you don’t want any more yarn?!?

  2. You are so impressive! I was proud of myself for finishing just one adult sweater this year. It took me May-November, but as I was expecting it to take a whole year, this was great. I usually have to plan 6 months for a pair of socks, too. And, oh, I really liked that beret in your ravelry queue.

  3. Charlotte – knitting down the stash isn’t about no yarn, it is all about MORE yarn. Gotta knit to make room for new friends.

    Katy – aw shucks, thanks, but the amount of knitting that I do may not actually be healthy and is not something I recommend emulating. Case in point: sore thumb-finger tendon-thingy from obsessive, hopeless Solstice knitting.

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