16 Buttons Later…

Post-due date limbo.  I sewed a lot today.  Which is only interesting because I don’t particularly like to sew.  Things had piled up and needed tending to and now is the time when I tend to do things, if only to hope that it will inform the stubborn life inside of me to come forth.

4 buttons: sewn on booties–

5 buttons: sewn on a baby cardi–

7 buttons: reattached to a Must Have Cardi–

Also pierced with a needle: a flannel swaddling blanket (hemmed) and a microfleece cuddle blanket claimed by Zander (seam bound edges but incomplete because I ran out of satin with 6 inches to go).  There are also four curtains to be finished off but I need my partner in crafting for that (Matt) because I do not trust myself with straight lines.  He measures and marks — and if I’m lucky, irons and pins — and I run the machine.  Since we are, at this point in the evening, all more of a horizontal rather than vertical orientation, I doubt the machine will run again.

I finished my first wool soaker this weekend.

It knit up quickly, mindlessly even.  So mindlessly, I neglected to consider my materials.  I used Wool-Ease, which I later realized was no good because it is only 20% wool.  Turns out there is a lot of discussion about what kind of yarn to use for soakers but it is more of the BFL vs. merino vs. Cascade 220 variety.  The point of wool soakers is the WOOL which is breathable and absorbant.  Anyway.  It is finished and I will use it but it will be more like hiney decor than anything I rely on for absorbancy.

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